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Robin Hood


The Glass Umbrella Theatre Company presents Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
Jim, a young girl, is desperate to join up with Robin Hood and become a Merry Man. Meanwhile the evil Sheriff is up to no good, raising taxes and imprisoning Jim’s parents. He kidnaps Robin’s sweetheart Maid Marian and determines to marry her. All of which sets up the glorious finale when the Merry Men conceive a cunning rescue plan. This will be one trip to Sherwood Forest you’ll never forget!
A script jam-packed with jokes, toe tapping songs, colourful costumes, mayhem galore, lovable characters and all the magic of traditional pantomime.
Suitable for all ages.
4 Shows. Friday 14/12/18 7pm, Saturday 15/12/18 2pm, Saturday 15/12/18 7pm, Sunday 16/12/18 3pm
Tickets available HERE
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